Sept 2018 – Yoghurts


When children forgo the full dessert on a lunch time, they reach for a yoghurt instead. However, many yoghurts are packed full of excess fat and sugar. The market for low fat yoghurts has increased dramatically, to the point where there are now 0% fat yoghurts on the market, but people forget that no fat equals fat replacement. Many low fat yoghurts are packed with sugars and textural sugars, like starch, to try and replicate that creamy mouthfeel which makes a yoghurt more enjoyable. This means that the yoghurt becomes as unhealthy as it was when it has full fat creaminess.

The MilaCel Project’s functional apple fibre could be added into low-fat or 0% fat yoghurts as a replacement for the high sugar content. The fibre would mimic the creamy mouthfeel that yoghurts offer and make it mimic a high end deluxe yoghurt, for a fraction of the cost. The fibre could be used to thicken the yoghurt as well as improve the creaminess and its can be utilised as a stabiliser to limit the visible separations that occur when yoghurt pots are sat around for a while.

The benefits of using functional apple fibre in a low-fat, low-sugar yoghurt include:

 – Increasing viscosity

 – Replacement of stabilisers

 – Replacement of thickeners (e.g. Starch)

 – Creamy mouthfeel

 – Does not mask flavours