Nov 2018 – Food Matters Live

Was anyone reading this post at Food Matters Live?

Did you spot a member of our team?

This month while we have been testing more delicious fat-reduced products, a member of our team travelled all the way to London to showcase the MilaCel project as a sustainable and beneficial creation to many curious businesses and potential collaborators.

Food Matters live is a community event where food, health and innovation meet and promote healthy nutrition. It opens up the possibility to connect like-minded people in the food, drink and nutrition sector and provides a platform to share game changing ideas and insights.

The Managing Director of Pennotec, Dr Jonathan Hughes, had a stand on the show floor to promote the beneficial qualities of the functional apple fibre from the MilaCel project being used in conjunction with a balanced diet.

Our goal is not to replace the fruit and vegetables that the population needs with fibre, but to help reduce the amount of fat and sugars that are present in the foods that go with them; meats like sausages, sauces like gravy and curries, and baked goods like breads and desserts.

These items cannot be removed from children’s diets altogether, but hopefully with the MilaCel project functional apple fibre, we can improve upon the school meals which children already receive and lead them onto the track of a strong, healthy future.

Food matters Live
Food matters Live