Decarbonisation and Covid Recovery Challenge

Pennotec is leading a collaborative project with Bangor University’s BioComposites Centre, Japels Cidery and The Pudding Compartment, supported by the Welsh Government Food and Drink Division, through the Decarbonisation and Covid Recovery Challenge Fund.

Jaspels create award-winning craft ciders from apples donated by the community.

Using the apple pomace ‘by-product’ from Jaspels, we have successfully produced an apple fibre paste that can be used to reduce fat and sugar in popular food items. Through the support of this project, we have substantially reduced the carbon impact of producing the apple fibre and minimised colouration and maximised yield of dietary fibres from apple pomace, producing a much paler paste with more versatile use.

The Pudding Compartment in Flint are a leading producer of baked goods for the service industry, including educational establishments and the NHS. Through the support of this project, The Pudding Compartment have successfully reduced calorific content in a number of popular ‘sweet treats’ by up to 30%.Further recipe development is underway, in an effort to further reduce fat and sugar content without compromising on taste and texture.