Healthier Options

The diets of Welsh consumers typically have 11% more fat than recommended levels and not enough fibre. Recent statistics show that more than a quarter of reception year school children in Wales are particularly at risk.

By targeting school menu items, we aim to relieve some of the burden placed on providing nutritious food in the home. This is becoming more prevalent as many schools have started breakfast menus in addition to lunch menus, meaning that up to 2/3 of the daily intake of children is being supplied by schools and local authorities.The functional apple fibre from the MilaCel project is a zero calorie fat replacement which can replace 30-50% of fats and oils in food products, such as bakery produce or meat, with healthier water, that is high in fibre so is a far healthier alternative.

The fibre can also be used to replace other commercial thickeners and stabilisers, such as starch, in sauces and dairy products (e.g. yoghurts) to improve upon the creamy mouth-feel and also reduce the calorific input included with the additives.

Fibre is an essential portion of the daily diet, which the majority of the population is missing. Not only does it make you feel fuller for longer, but when eaten as part of a balanced diet, it can reduce the risk of many illnesses in later life. These illnesses include heart disease, certain cancers and type 2 diabetes. The typical amount of fibre children from ages 5-11 should be eating daily is 20g; a target which is rarely being reached. By increasing the level of fibre in our children’s diets, we will be helping them feel fuller for longer, increasing focus and productivity, and setting them on a course for a happy, healthy future.